Get Your Game On!


It’s time to introduce what I hope will become a bigger part of this site, the video introduction for the YouTube channel (I’ve got to get 10 subscribers before I can get a fancy link):

Much of the content I’ve posted and plan on posting in the next few months simply doesn’t transcribe well in a picture only format. For those posts that require it (for example the C64 vs. arcade series of upcoming posts) I plan on doing videos with some minor voice over work. I won’t be front and center, cause let’s be honest, I’ve got a face made for radio. I’ll also won’t drown you with audio as my voice is probably better suited for print. I’ll play the games, point out some of the differences and leave it at that.  It’s should be a good time.  I’ve got some work to do on the YouTube Channel profile before I fully turn things up. Stay tuned…


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