Missile Command Pictures


As promised yesterday, I was able to grab a few pictures of the new Missile Command cabinet for your viewing pleasure. I’m still surprised at the conditional of the cabinet. Keep in mind when looking at the pictures that I haven’t done any cleanup on the machine, the pictures show the actual condition of the cabinet when I took possession of it.

The cabinet has a serial number of 13473. There are two coin door counters, one for each side. The left hand coin counter shows 34,493 plays while the right shows 14,398. Keep in mind that these are not always accurate. The cabinet currently only has one of four leg levelers on it, so if it looks crooked in the pictures, there is nothing physically wrong with the cabinet.

The lower left corner has some small damage but not near as much as the Dig Dug corner. Fortunately, if I decide to fix it and butcher the side art, reproduction side art is widely available for Missile Command cabinets. The coin door has a pretty cool “License On File” tag which will probably remain. The control panel is in great shape. There are three areas that have chipped away but touch up paint was applied and looks pretty good.

I was only able to spend about 5 minutes looking at the machine last night. The biggest challenge with this game is not going to be the cosmetic repairs, but getting it functional again. I tried to throw it into test mode last night with no luck. The screen just flashes a white/gray screen and a garbled tone is heard.

All of the pictures can be viewed below. The photos are also located in the photo gallery.

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