A Centipede Infestation


Two days ago, I picked up a non-working Centipede cabinet about 45 minutes from me.  This one is in very rough shape and needs a lot of cosmetic repair.  It’s eventually going to get a full restoration similar to Dig Dug.  I’d like to get the game working first before committing a lot of time to the restoration.

Today, I decided to take the monitor bezel off for a good cleaning.  The lead to another discovery.  When I picked up the Centipede cabinet from the seller, I noticed a few mouse droppings in the bottom of the cabinet.  Not uncommon and surely something that would clean up fairly easily.  Today, as I was taking off the monitor bezel, mouse droppings started pouring out of the newly formed opening between the bezel and the marquee.  The marquee on this cabinet was pretty beat up and I really couldn’t figure out why.   I decided to take the marquee off to see what was behind it.  I was greeted with this lovely picture:

You can see little bits of the nest in the upper left hand corner of the picture.  I decided to remove the entire marquee and speaker tray to get a better look behind it, as this is the area that the droppings were coming from.  Here’s what I discovered:

So, I spent an hour cleaning the dead mice out of the cabinet along with their accompanying nest. The marquee/speaker tray smelled so bad that I measured it and threw it in the garbage. I’ll recreate a new one that doesn’t smell like mouse piss. My first order of business with this cabinet is going to be multiple cleanings with some bleach. Hopefully that’s the last of the rodents I find in the cabinet, but this thing is beat to hell and will be my biggest restoration challenge yet. I’ll try to grab some pictures of the entire cabinet in the next few days.  Sorry for the quality of these pictures but all I had with me was my cell phone.  Really, did we need high quality pictures anyway?

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