Agent 17, Codename: Otto


I’ve added a new game to the collection and those familiar with the title of this article will immediately know that it’s Elevator Action, released by Taito in 1983. The game play is relatively simple, you are Agent 17, codename: “Otto” and your mission is to secure top secret documents from a 30-floor security building and escape in a getaway car waiting in a garage at the very bottom of the building. To read more details about the game and see a few screenshots, check out it’s listing in the Killer List of Video Games

The game is in decent shape but needs a few cosmetic repairs.  The control panel overlay is shot and needs to be replaced.  Most of the metal pieces need to be sanded down and repainted.  The player 1 start button doesn’t appear to be working.  The cabinet itself is solid and the stenciled sides are decent.  I’ll have to decide later if I want to re-stencil and repaint them.  It appears to have started life as a Jungle Hunt and was later converted to an Elevator Action.  My recollection is the dedicated Elevator Action cabinets were light and dark brown while my cabinet is light and dark green.  There is also a Jungle Hunt to Elevator Action conversion manual included with the documentation and a tag on the cabinet indicating that it was converted.  Outside of those few minor details, the game is fully working and should only need cosmetic repairs.

Here are the original marketing flyers for Elevator Action.  I’ll have pictures of the actual cabinet tomorrow.

I’ve set up a dedicated Elevator Action photo gallery for the game. Keep in mind that there won’t be much arcade related work taking place while the basement remodel is underway.

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