All Cleaned Up


Last Saturday, I started disassembling the play field on World Cup Soccer for a good cleaning.  This wasn’t a complete tear down, but about 90% of the items were removed.  I did not remove the pop bumpers or goalie assembly but everything else essentially came off.  I cleaned the play field with Novus 2, the plastics with Novus 1 and then installed a coat of wax to the playable areas of the play field.  New rubbers were installed as well as a new set of balls.  You can see what 30 years of gunk looks like once I removed the apron at the bottom of the play field:

Someone had waxed the table previously.  Unfotunately, they didn’t do a very good job of applying or removing the wax.  Here is a shot of one of the posts with wax residue encased in the grooves.  I took a nylon brush and removed all of the built up wax on all of the posts:

If you look at the arm in the next set of pictures, you can see the difference the play field cleaning made:

Look at the white areas on the soccer section of the play field as well:

I did discover two plastics that were cracked but neither is visible so I’m not going to worried about it for the time being.  The plastics have also yellowed a bit due to age but they will work for the time being.  I will eventually replace the spinning soccer ball and install an LED kit.  I’ll probably have to wait until the taxes are done for those items.  Oh yeah, the enter button on the coin door broke as well.  If you know how to manually trigger it until I can get a replacement ordered, do tell!  Duh, it’s a simple switch… Disconnect the wires and hold them together for on, take them apart for off.

I had a deal worked out for a dedicated Golden Tee cabinet but as usually happens with internet deals, the “seller” suddenly stopped answering my emails and text messages.  I’m still on the hunt.  If you know where one is, let me know……

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