Back in Business!


After what seems like an eternity, the games are slowly coming out of storage!

Over the 4th of July weekend, Track & Field, Centipede, Ms. Pac-Man and the World Cup Soccer pinball got moved into their new home. Speaking of the new home, here’s a look at the space I have to work with (currently unfinished):

I wish I could say it was all space for the games, but it’s not. The area near the back wall will become a bedroom and bathroom. There will also be office space and a TV viewing area. Gotta have some place to play the modern console games!

This coming weekend Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr and Galaga will be joining the mix. Unforunately, of the 4 games I’ve moved so far, 3 have issues. Track & Field’s high score table is corrupt. It either needs the table reset or a new battery. Centipede won’t boot at all, just scrambled graphics. The self test function doesn’t even run. Finally, World Cup Soccer has a scoring issue where both the goal and Striker hole are counting as shots for the other. For example, a shot in the Striker hole counts as a goal and a Striker shot. A shot in the goal counts as a goal and a Striker shot. It’s could be a bad optic but I’m hoping for something as simple as a loose wire.

Of the 3 still in storage, Galaga is in parts. I started restoring it a long time ago and never really progressed too far on it. Donkey Kong needs monitor work, rather the monitor is dead. Donkey Kong Jr. was working when moved into storage so we will see if it is still working.

Later this week, I’ll post a video showing the various issues and hopefully we can start repairing them. Finally, a little something I spotted on vacation this summer (it played Galaga as well, albeit for $0.75 a pop):

World’s Largest Pac-Man


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