Basement Arcade – Major Progress


Wow, I didn’t realize that it has been over a year since my last post. How time flies. I may be typing all of this in vain, as I’m not sure anyone comes around anymore. Oh well! Unfortunately, I haven’t done much with the arcade games in the last year. However, the last few months, I’ve been going full speed on my basement remodel. I’ve finished the sub floor; hung, taped and mudded the drywall; primed the drywall and shot texture onto the ceiling. This weekend I’ll be painting the walls and the following weekend, I’ll start putting down about 670 square feet of flooring. After considering 18″ or 24″ tiles, I’ve decided to put vera-mahogany Pergo flooring down. I’ll have to install vinyl leg levelers on all my games but it should provide a durable and good looking finish.

Below are a few pictures of all the work done to date:

There are 4 total speakers.  One set in the bar/tv area and another in the game area.  Paint will be up next!

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