Dig Dug – Almost Finished!


This project is finally coming to an end.  I spent some time this weekend putting a few of the finishing touches on the restoration.  The coin door, coin box and utilty panel were reinstalled.  I admit, I got a little lazy and didn’t repaint the coin box as originally planned.  The box can’t be seen and is in fairly good shape.

The t-molding that I ordered arrived so I decided to finish the other side.  Unfortunately, this was the side that had some repairs done, so a new groove would have to be routed.  I used my router and a slot cutting bit and routed a new groove for the t-molding on the repaired corner.  I then installed the rest of the t-molding.  It’s a fairly simple process as outside corners get cut with v grooves to fit the t-molding and inside corners simple get slots cut.  All of the cuts are made with a utility knife, although specialized tools are available.

The marquee retainers, top vent cover and all of the bolts were repainted with two coats of Rustoleum flat black enamel spray paint and reapplied to the cabinet.

Finally, I constructed a new montior bezel out of cardboard and installed it over the monitor.  Here are a few shots of the new cardboard bezel in place, a screenshot of the game running and a shot of the front of the cabinet with the coin door reinstalled.

Finally, a shot of what it’s all about; introducting my kids to some of the classics I grew up on.  Here’s my youngest son enjoying a game.  He’s hooked.  It also gives you a pretty good overview of the finished product, before and after.

There are two minor things to finish on this restoration.  I need a new power cord with a grounding plug and will install one as soon as I get around to ordering it.  I also need to construct a new back door, but that will have to wait for warmer weather.

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