Dig Dug Corner Repair


I finally developed a plan for attacking the missing chunk on the bottom left corner of my cabinet.

It involved plexiglass, a putty knife, Bondo and lots of sandpaper.  After doing some research, I learned that one thing Bondo will not stick to is plexiglass.  I decided to make a “frame” for the missing corner out of some plexiglass I had laying around.  Doesn’t everyone have spare plexiglass laying around?  I couldn’t match the curve of the corner with the plexiglass so the frame would be made at a 90 degree angle.  After the process was complete, I would go back and cut the corner to the appropriate shape.

I attached one piece of plexiglass to the back edge of the cabinet.  I drilled two holes in the plexiglass and attached it with drywall screws.  I butted another piece of plexiglass up to that piece at a 90 degree angle and attached it to the bottom edge of the cabinet.  I then placed a piece of plexiglass underneath the pieces and clamped it all together.

I started filling the frame with Bondo, spreading to around with a putty knife.  It actually took three coats to get it to the proper level.  Here’s a shot after the first coat was applied:

Then came the fun part…..sanding.  I spent at least an hour sanding the Bondo to be even with the wood on the cabinet.  Once I had it fairly close, I measured the angle on the right side corner, duplicated it on the left corner and cut the new piece to shape.

It still needs a bit of sanding but the corner has essentially been replaced and it’s rock solid.  Unfortunately, I learned one lesson…the side art is one big “sticker”.  I think I’ve essentially destroyed it, but I have a plan for repairing it.  Stay tuned.

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