Dig Dug Parts Stripped


I spent a portion of Saturday evening stripping the parts out of the Dig Dug cabinet.  There are essentially two reasons for doing so:  You’ll see that the cabinet is filthy inside and I don’t want anything to get in the way when I attempt to repair the chipped off corner.  Below are a series of pictures of the parts removed from the cabinet.  Note the dust, particularly on the cabinet bottom, power supply and coin box.

As you can see, it needs a lot of cleanup.  I’ll be scrubbing the inside and outside of the cabinet down with Simple Green.  The coin door and coin box with be cleaned with Simple Green and then I’ll take my generic Dremel tool to them and sand off most of the rust before repainting.  I’ll take some nylon brushes to the PCB and audio PCB and attempt to clean some of the dust off.  The marquee and bezel will get a good cleaning with Windex and then some anti-static gel cleaner that I use on my LCD monitors.  The monitor will be cleaned with Windex and the same anti-static gel and the board will get cleaned with a nylon brush.

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