Dig Dug Repair Log


Inquiring minds often wonder how much work goes into a complete restoration of an arcade cabinet. I maintain a “log” on each machine I restore and keep track of the total spent on new parts and how many hours have gone into the restoration. Since the Dig Dug restoration is essentially complete, with the exception being a new back door, I’ll use it as an example:

Parts Ordered

Date OrderedPart OrderedCost
Total Spent$140.01
1/18/08New coin & back door locks$8.00
1/21/08Self test switch$3.00
1/27/082 cans of spray paint$6.96
1/28/08Side art @ $1.80 per foot$21.60
2/4/08Liquid laminate for side art (1 quart)$17.95
2/4/08Primer (1 gallon)$17.00
2/10/08Flat black paint (1 gallon)$17.40
2/24/08Rustoleum "Hammered" spray paint$5.28
2/24/0840 feet of black t-molding$29.90
3/2/08Poster board for monitor cover$1.08
4/11/08New AC line cord with ground$5.00
????????Plywood for new back door??????

Work Log

Date PerformedTask PerformedTime Spent
Total Time Invested:23.75 hours
1/21/08Installed new self test switch.25 hours
1/26/08Stripped parts out of cabinet1 hour
1/27/08Sanded utility panel & repainted.5 hours
2/2/08Sanded coin box & repainted1 hour
2/2/08 - 2/4/08Repaired damaged corner with Bondo2.5 hours
2/4/08 - 2/7/08Removed old side art from cabinet5.75 hours
2/8/08Printed new side art.75 hours
2/9/08Sanded & primed cabinet2 hours
2/10/08Repainted black portion of cabinet2 hours
2/20/08Installed new left side art.75 hours
2/21/08Installed new right side art.75 hours
2/22/08Laminated side art.5 hours
2/23/08Reinstalled wiring, control panel & marquee.5 hours
2/24/08Sanded & repainted coin door2 hours
2/25/08Reinstalled coin door & new locks1 hour
3/2/08Cut & installed new cardboard monitor bezel.75 hours
3/3/08Repainted marquee retainers & vent cover.25 hours
3/4/08Installed new t-molding, marquee & vent cover1.25 hours
4/15/08Installed new power cord.25 hours

Let me know, via the comments below, your thoughts on this information. I’ll continue to maintain the logs for my own personal information, but am curious to know if anyone else is interested in seeing the content of the logs. I don’t intend on maintaining a “running log” on the blog for each game but will post one similar to this as each restoration nears completion.

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