Dig Dug – Side Art Finished, Coin Door Repainted


As with last weekend, I made some significant progress again this weekend.  The right side art was installed following the same procedures as used to install the left side.  After allowing the new side art to sit for a few hours, I applied two coats of ClearShield liquid laminate using a 9 inch 1/4″ nap roller.  If I had to do it all over again, I’d apply the laminate before putting the side art on the machine.  I also think that one coat would have been sufficient and would only apply one if I had to do it over again.  Regardless, the new side art looks great and the laminate will protect it from any future damage.

Once the laminate was dry, I applied the new t-molding to the right side of the cabinet.  After finishing the right side, I realized that I did not have enough to finish the left side.  I placed an order for more t-molding on Saturday and will have to wait for it to arrive before I can finish.  Bored, with nothing else to do, I reinstalled the wiring harness, control panel, marquee light and speaker.

Sunday, I disassembled the coin door and stripped the paint from the parts using my palm sander and Dremel.  After cleaning the parts of dust, I applied one coat of Rustoleum flat black enamel spray paint.  Once the base coat dried, I applied two coats of Rustoleum black hammered spray paint.  This will give the coin door a texture similar to it’s original.

This evening or tomorrow, I’ll be reassembling the coin door and reinstalling it back into the cabinet.  Stay tuned!

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