Dig Dug Troubles Continue


Yesterday, I received a Dig Dug board in the mail.  The board was supposed to be tested and working.  I fixed the burnt resistor on the A/R II board and plugged the new board into the cabinet.  The good news…nothing smoked.  The bad news…poor Dig Dug still doesn’t work.  Instead, I’m greeted by a 3 looping screens of corrupt graphics, in either test mode or game mode:

It appears to be some type of power issue causing the game to go into an infinite reset cycle.  I’ve ordered a repair kit for the A/R II board which consists of new capacitors and a few new resistors.  I’ve also ordered a new edge connector to ensure I’m getting good contact to the board.  Any other thoughts or ideas on the problem would be appreciated.  The parts will probably arrive on Monday, so I guess I’m tearing out carpet this weekend.

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