Donkey Kong Pictures


The newly acquired Donkey Kong machine made it’s way from the garage to the basement last night. I finally got a real good look at the cabinet and the work that it’s going to require. The control panel and joystick are shot and will be completely replaced. The joystick has no springback, the jump button is the wrong color and the instruction sheet is warped and wrinkled and the plywood base has numerous cracks.

There are numerous areas on the cabinet that need to be filled with wood putty or Bondo and the entire cabinet will eventually be repainted. I’ll also be applying new side art, however the side art currently on the cabinet is in pretty good shape.

The coin door has been beat to hell and I may try to find a replacement in better shape. The coin box was intact, but the box surrounding it and holding it in place has been destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. The base of the cabinet is missing a board, I’ll probably rebuilt the entire base while I’m at it. Click on the images below for a larger version:

All of these pictures can also be found in the dedicated Donkey Kong photo gallery. The important thing to me at the moment is that the game is working 100%. I can overlook the cabinet imperfections for the time being, as long as I have the opportunity to play my favorite game. The first item up will be the control panel replacement, or at the very least a new joystick. I’ll also be adding a high score save kit to the machine so the high scores aren’t lost on power down.

Bonus points to anyone who can give me information about the writing on the bottom of the coin box. It says, “Potts Inn, 1986″ and what appears to be WDW.

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