Hyper Sports Added To Collection


Well, after my recent woes with Dig Dug, it’s about time for some good news.  I recently added a Hyper Sports board to my collection.  For those of you not familiar with the game, it is essentially the sequel to Track & Field.  The board is playable in the Track & Field cabinet, uses the same button layout and features the following events:  swimming, skeet shooting, vaulting horse, archery, triple jump, weight lifting and the pole vault.  Here are the scans of the original market flyer for the game:

I was able to mount the board in the cabinet in a position that the edge connector can reach both the Track & Field board and the Hyper Sports board.  To switch between games, I simply power the cabinet off and move the edge connector from one board to the other.  The Track & Field board is in the metal cage, the Hyper Sports board is mount to the board spanning the width of the cabinet:

It’s always fun to add a new game to the collection, especially when you can do it in an existing cabinet and save much needed space. I played a few games last night and realized I’m not very good. I can’t seem to make it past the third event, the horse vault. Here are a few shots of the game in action:

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