In The Words Of Q*Bert, “@!H?@!”


I’ve spent a significant amount of time with Dig Dug over the last few days trying to get it working again. Monday night, at the suggestion of a fellow collector, I spent about an hour swapping out the old edge connector with a new one to insure that it was making good contact with the board.

With the right tools, this is probably a fairly easy job. They make a crimp tool specifically designed to crimp the pins of the edge connector. I do not have this crimp tool so it took me a little longer crimping each pin with a pair of needle nose pliers. I labeled the parts and solder side of the old and new edge connector to keep from getting confused then began working wire by wire from one end to the other. Here are a few shots of the work in progress and the completed edge connector:

Tuesday night, it was time to address the A/R II board with a repair kit obtained from Bob Roberts.  The repair kit consists of new capacitors for the A/R II board, two new resistors and two new transistors.  I took me about 30 minutes to unsolder the old parts and solder the new parts to the board.  The main concern with the capacitors is ensuring that the polarity is correct.  There are two leads on each capacitor, one positive and one negative.  These must line up correctly with the positive and negative points on the board or you’ll definitely see some smoke when you apply power to it.  Here is a shot of the A/R II board before the repair kit and after:

I then plugged the A/R II board into the power supply and powered the machine up without connecting the edge connector to the PCB.  No smoke so I then connected the edge connector to the PCB and powered the machine up again.  I was met with the same looping screen as described in the previous post.  I’m convinced right now that the PCB itself is bad.  I guess I’ll try and get it tested in a known working machine.  I might have some better news regarding a different game tomorrow.

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