It Kicks!


As promised, here are some additional pictures of my recently acquired World Cup Soccer pinball.  This thing is in great shape! The cabinet is clean and the play field will be perfect once it’s had a good cleaning. Here are the original marketing flyers for World Cup Soccer:

An interesting note about the flyer; it features Soldier Field in Chicago which was one of the host sites for the ’94 World Cup.  Unfortunately, it shows an American football game being played instead of football as it is known internationally. Here are a few shots of the table as seen from the front, a close up of the back box and a close up of the manufacturer’s tag on the back of the table:

The play field is in good shape.  It needs to be cleaned, have the rubbers replaced and needs a few new light bulbs.  I don’t have any #555 bulbs on hand right now so that will be a project for another day.

The cabinet is almost perfect.  It also just needs a good cleaning:

Finally, here’s a shot of the DMD and the coin door:

Unfortunately, the previous owner could not find the keys so I didn’t take any pictures of the underside of the play field.  Instead, I set to drilling out the coin door lock and was successful after about 15 minutes of trying.  I think I’ll try a new drill bit the next time instead of an old one I had laying around.  Once I was able to access the interior of the machine, I was able to find the problem with the right flipper. A spring had simply come unattached.  Once I reattached the spring, the flipper sprang back into life.

I’ve got a few items ordered for this game already.  I’ll be installing a new set of pinballs, a new rubber kit and even though the flippers are working fine now, I’m still going to rebuild them.  Other than that, it’s going to get cleaned and played.  I’m going to have to rearrange some games and put the damn Christmas tree away that you see in a couple of the shots!  That’s on the agenda for tonight and this weekend.  As usual, you can view all of the photographs in the World Cup Soccer photo gallery.  Have a good weekend!


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