Below are a few of my favorite arcade related links. The links are divided into three categories: Arcade Collectors featuring the websites/blogs of other collectors of classic arcade games; Arcade Restoration featuring websites focusing on restoration techniques and parts; and Arcade Information featuring general arcade related information. If you have a site and would like it added here, feel free to send me an e-mail with a link and description of your site.

Arcade Collectors 
BarncadeJohn Overchuk's "Barncade"
Jeff's GamesCollector Jeff Waldron's site
John's ArcadeCollector John Jakobson's site. A great collection.
Luna City ArcadePeter Hirschberg's now defunct Luna City arcade. Still worth a look
RotheblogJeff Roth's arcade restoration blog.
Arcade Restoration 
Arcade RestorationArcade restoration tips.
Arcade ShopArcade parts, artwork and high score ktis.
Arcade SolutionPCB repairs, highly recommended!
Bob Roberts"The Man" for arcade parts
BYOACBuild your own arcade controls.
Game StencilsA great selection of stencils and artwork.
Mike's ArcadeArcade parts, board repairs, chip upgrades, etc
Phoenix ArcadeSilk-screened reproduction artwork
This Old GameSilk-screened and inkjet reproduction artwork
Arcade Information 
Arcade Flyer ArchiveA searchable arcade flyer archive
Atari GamesA wealth of Atari information
Pinball DatabaseInternet pinball database (IPDB)
Video Game DatabaseKiller List of Video Games (KLOV) - check out the forum!