Missile Command Arrives


Missile Command joined the expanding list of games in my collection today. Here’s the good news, the cabinet is probably in the best shape of any cabinet I’ve received to date. The front of the cabinet literally looks like it’s factory fresh. The sideart is in good shape, but has a few dings and scratches. One of the back corners has worn away a bit, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to repair. The machine is complete with no missing parts.

Now the bad news, the game in it’s present state is not working. Other than plugging the machine in, I haven’t run any tests on it. All I get is a flashing screen of multiple colors. I haven’t even thrown the game into test mode yet to see what it reports back. Hopefully tonight I’ll get a chance to dig a bit deeper and try to figure out the cause.

The image to the left is not my machine, but is a stock image from the Killer List of Video Games, where you can read some of the history of the Missile Command game. I should be able to get a few photographs of my cabinet later tonight. As usual, all images will be posted to the photo gallery.

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