Missile Command – It’s Alive!


I mailed my Missile Command board to Andrew at Arcade Solution on Monday the 5th.  As promised in his e-mails, it took him a little less than two weeks to get the board back to me.

Prior to shipping the board, I had already replaced several components. While inspecting the board, I discovered that one of the EPROMS was missing a leg. Instead of repairing it, I decided to order a new pre-programmed set. Stephan from Hobby Roms quickly sent a new set out to me, although shipping from him takes a bit longer as he is located in Canada and the package had to clear customs. Just to be on the safe side, I also ordered a new 6502 processor and a pokey chip. These were obtained from Mike’s Arcade.

I was a little nervous testing out the repaired board. If the game didn’t work, it meant more troubleshooting, more replacement parts and more money. Fortunately for me, I was greeted with a perfectly working Missile Command machine:

I’m going to do very little to this game. The bottom left hand corner of the cabinet has a little damage which will get repaired. I’ll probably put some new t-molding on it, clean it up well and that will be it. Special thanks once again to Arcade Solution for the timely repair! I highly recommend Andre’s services if you are looking for relatively affordable board repairs.

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