New Buttons Installed


Since it’s 8 degrees outside with a wind chill of 15 below, I decided tonight would be a good night to stay inside and do some work on one of the machines.  Having just gotten over a cold and sore throat, I really wasn’t in the mood to tackle all of the dust in the Dig Dug cabinet, so I decided to replace all of the buttons on Track & Field.

The first step was to remove the control panel from the cabinet.  After that, the next step was to replace the 10 buttons on the control panel; 4 white buttons, 4 red buttons and 2 blue buttons.  Below are a couple of shots of the control panel with the old buttons and the bag of parts (new buttons, leaf switches and spacers):

I had to desolder the wires from the old buttons, then remove them.  The wires I just removed had to be resoldered onto the new leaf switches.  The new buttons got installed from the top of the control panel, then two spacers on the underside, the new leaf switch and a nut to hold everything together.  About every four buttons, I plugged the board back into the machine to test the functionality of the new buttons.  Everything worked on the initial test.

Unfortunately, it was late when I finished so I didn’t get a chance to pound on the buttons.  Now that the “anti cheat” buttons are gone, I need to find a pencil or comb!

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