Power Play Pictures


I had a chance last night to snap a few pictures of my newly acquired Power Play pinball.  As usual, all of these pictures can also be found in the Power Play section of the photo gallery.  Here are a couple of overview shots of the cabinet, one showing the side art, one showing the back glass and play field and the last showing the boards located inside the backbox:

Placed in the back box and illuminated, the back glass shows a lot more wear than it does out of the cabinet. The biggest thing I plan to do right now is apply some Krylon Triple Thick clear glaze to prevent further damage from occurring. The artwork on the cabinet is in decent shape, but the entire thing still needs a good cleaning, as does the playfield:

Right now, the only items still not working on the playfield can be seen in the 4th picture above. The left side drop targets do not work and the center pop bumper is not working. All of the drop targets need to be replaced as they don’t match and two on the right side have broken connectors. Underneath the play field is where things get interesting and where most of the problems reside:

If you look closely at the blue wires in the last picture, you’ll quickly notice the problem.  Instead of making proper connections to the components, someone hacked a wire to a wire to a wire to connect the component and then left the soldered bare ends of the wires floating around in the cabinet.  The fuse holder that I mentioned in my last post is located directly above the blue wire rat’s nest.  When I changed the holder, I apparently bumped these blue wires causing two of them to short together, which in turn caused the left side flippers to quite working.  I’ve found at least 3 other spots in the cabinet where the wiring has been hacked just a bad, so I’m not sure if my non-working parts are part faults or wiring faults.  I’m not going to work any further until I repair all of the faulty wiring I can find.  That’s all for now…

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