Some Work! Finally!


With a little free time last night, I decided it was time to pull Centipede out of it’s dark corner and do a little work. This cabinet needs a lot of cosmetic work. I need to replace a broken board on the bottom of the cabinet and probably need to countersink about 100 screws to stabilize the whole thing. Instead of hauling out the table saw in the 10 degree weather, I decided to start easy.

The monitor that came with the cabinet had a serious case of burn in. So bad, one would probably think they could play without even turning the machine on. I decided to use my last spare monitor to replace it. The spare monitor had a little burn but I don’t think it will be noticeable while playing the game. I hooked up the spare monitor, powered it on and immediately blew a fuse on the monitor chassis. That’s a hell of a start. I found a replacement fuse and powered on the monitor only to find that the screen was reversed side to side, as looking at it in a mirror. I knew that I had to flip the vertical yoke wires to get the image correct. Bob Roberts does a better job of explaining this than I ever could.  Once I had the image oriented correctly and adjusted, I installed the monitor into the cabinet (click on each image for a larger version):

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I think everyone will agree that the new monitor is a huge improvement. I did learn a lesson last night that I can’t believe hasn’t occurred to me before. It’s much easier to adjust a monitor outside of the cabinet than it is inside the cabinet! That’s all of the work I accomplished last night. I did get my parts ready to begin working on the control panel:

I’ve got a few vacation days coming up so hopefully I can get the control panel knocked out. If it gets above freezing, I might even start on some of the cosmetic repairs to the cabinet.

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