The Beginning Of The Basement Arcade


There hasn’t been much progress with the arcade restorations as of late. I’ve started a new project which has been eating up most of my free time. This new project is somewhat arcade related as I’ve started to finish my unfinished basement. The new, finished space will include a family/TV room, a wet bar and an area specifically for the arcade games.

The previous owners had painted the foundation walls white and put down some berber carpet but not much else had been done. I wasn’t fond of the carpet so before any construction could begin, I decided to remove it. Unfortunately, the carpet was glued to the concrete floor. I initially thought it might just be edge glued, but no such luck. Every square inch of the carpet is glued to the floor.

The quest to remove the carpet adhesive began.  My attempts to scrape it up dry did not go over well.  I then decided to mop water on sections and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes.  The adhesive came up much easier and with two or three passes it was removed.  Below are some before and after shots for comparison:

Whoever put the carpet down also put some floor leveler down, although I’m not sure why as it didn’t level the floor. You can see the leveler in the first picture towards the top. It’s the area where the adhesive appears to be thicker. They didn’t allow the leveler to completely cure before putting down the carpet adhesive so the two are now permanently bonded. To remove the adhesive in these areas, I have to chip all of the floor leveler off of the floor as well (water doesn’t help soften it).

Three weekends of work and I have about half the floor done. I’m working on a plan in Visio but haven’t finalized anything yet. I’ll continue to post project updates and the finalized plan here and hopefully will be able to fit in a little work on games as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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