The “Get This Out Of My Basement” Pinball


So, I’ve been working on this deal for a while now and have hinted at it several times. Unfortunately, the weather here hasn’t really cooperated.  Several double digit below zero temperature days as well as a few inches of snow prevented any progress on the deal.  Today, it finally became a reality.

I had an offer to pick up a working 1994 Bally World Cup Soccer pinball on one condition: I had to haul it out of a basement which consisted of a very narrow flight of stairs.  Other than that, the game was free.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance, gathered some help and went to grab the machine, sight unseen.  Here’s a look at the machine once it finally made it’s way into the basement arcade:

Table Front A shot of the front of the table.

I didn’t have my camera available so that is the only picture for now.  Hopefully, I’ll grab a few more pictures tonight.  Cosmetically, the cabinet is in great shape.  The right flipper works but needs to be rebuilt.  Obviously, the left flipper will get rebuilt at the same time.  There are no keys to the cabinet so I’ll either have to drill the coin door lock out or wait and see if the previous owner can find the keys.  I’ll probably grab a new spinning soccer ball for it, put new rubbers on it, add a fresh set of balls, clean and wax the play field and call it good.  We’ve only played a few games on it, but it’s already become a favorite in the basement arcade.  I’ll have more detailed pictures later today or tomorrow.


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