Thinning the Herd


It’s been a while since I have posted.  Unfortunately, life has taken a turn and it became time to thin the collection of arcade games.  Gone in the last several months are the following:

Missile Command
Elevator Action (Jungle Hunt)
Power Play Pinball
Grand Slam pinball

In the coming months I’ll be working on the following:

Sanyo 20EZ monitor repair
Repairing or replacing a Dig Dug wiring harness
Galaga restoration

If you’re interested, the following are still for sale:

Golden Tee 2K PCB
Pac-Man PCB
World Class Bowling PCB
1 non-working Centipede PCB

In the next few days, I’ll have a look back at the fabulous gaming on the Commodore 64.  Additionally, we will take a look at the 1Up arcade in downtown Denver (highly recommended).  Stay tuned!



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