Tip Of The Day….


The last week or so, I’ve slowly been making progress on the Galaga restoration.  I don’t have any new pictures as it’s mostly “boring” work.  All of the side art is stripped and the entire cabinet, both inside and out, has been sanded progressively with 60 grit, 100 grit and then 150 grit sand paper.  Last night, I was applying some MinWax Wood Hardener to the frayed edges.  It is specifically designed to strengthen and reinforce decaying or rotting wood.  You rapidly apply a couple of coats with a small disposable brush, in my case a 1″ brush.  The can that the product comes in does not accommodate a 1″ brush so I had to pour it into another container for application.  Here’s the tip….DO NOT pour it into a red Solo (plastic) cup.  Styrofoam would probably not be a wise choice either.  I was good for about 3 minutes (story of my life) before the acetone (or I assume it was the acetone) ate right through the cup and the contents began to spill all over my hands.  An old coffee mug worked much better.  Good thing the instructions specifically say to avoid direct contact with the skin!  If the rain ever stops it’s on to applying some Bondo.  Stay tuned….

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